Known for enticing people with stunning interiors, Jigsaw’s new store in Westfield has gone the classic design route with a wooden ceiling.

Be it the jaw-dropping copper treatment applied to the Knightsbridge branch in 1990, or the Duke Street Emporium, just off Oxford Street, fashion retailer Jigsaw has set a precdent for its store design.

Now it has taken another turn at the newly opened store in The Village, the upscale designer part of Westfield London.

In this location, it’s all about the ceiling. A barrel-vaulted wooden slat fixture gives the impression of a low-tech vortex, a time tunnel down which shoppers can travel in search of the latest fashions.

Design consultancy Checkland Kindleysides has created an interior that provides instant walk-by appeal – it would be very hard to stroll past this shop and not step in.

Inside, mid-century furniture forms a relaxation area at the back of the shop.

At a time when many retailers are clamouring for futuristic digital interiors, this store shows what is possible with good old-fashioned design.