Volkswagen has launched a new store concept in Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre, which boasts an immersive in-store experience.

The automotive retailer’s inaugural UK shopping centre outlet features a 10-screen interactive video wall running the length of the store, displaying a mix of editorial content.

The digital wall is touch-activated and will show a 360-degree display of the vehicle and its key features alongside product reviews and posts from social media.

Shoppers can also use in-store iPads positioned in the centre of the store to configure their own car model.

Volkswagen has a dedicated space in the shopping centre’s car park with models of the cars displayed in its stores where shoppers can go for a test drive.

The retailer’s store also has a model Volkswagen Beetle in store with a touch-activated animated backdrop to make it look like the vehicle is driving through changing landscapes.

The store, which was designed by Dalziel and Pow, has a flexible layout to accommodate new product launches and in-store display, which will be refreshed frequently.

Bullring’s general manager Michaela Moore said: “We are thrilled that Volkswagen has chosen Bullring for its debut store in a UK shopping centre, it’s great to see top car brands recognising the value in opening modern day showrooms in prime retail destinations.”