The Harrods Fashion Lab measures in at 40,000 sq ft and for most retailers it would constitute a store in its own right.

If, instead, the 40,000 sq ft is a single department in a shop, it means two things: a very large store and a big commitment.

It is some years now since Harrods celebrated the 40th anniversary of its Way In young fashion department on the fourth floor and, for many, it was as much a destination as the emporium itself - and it measured slightly less than 40,000 sq ft.

Now it has gone and following a nine-month gestation an enlarged area dubbed Fashion Lab has taken its place.

The first thing that any visitor to this space, fitted-out by Jaysam Contractors, will be aware of is the fact that it may be big but the look and feel is the same throughout.

Indeed, the main aisle that takes the shopper past multiple brands and designer labels stretches way into the distance with the grey-white floor and back metal equipment being broken up by the same white mannequins throughout. The inference is that this may be about brands, but it is a Fashion Lab branded house where the environment exerts its authority over the labels it offers.

As well as the 32,000 sq ft Fashion Lab, there is the Denim Lab (above right), which makes up the remaining 8,000 sq ft. Like the fashion part of the equation, this area is consistent with grey pigeonholes around the perimeter and the same black metal fixturing.

It is always a tough call to excise something that has stood the test of time, but it is also the nature of fashion that things change. Completed a little more than a fortnight ago, Harrods has created a new destination for those in search of the modish.