The BRC-Springboard monitor showed a 0.6% drop in overall footfall year-on-year. Retail Week takes a closer look at the figures.


The increase in footfall in Scotland compared with July last year, the highest regional increase anywhere in the UK.


The footfall decrease in Northern Ireland, which suffered the sharpest decline of any region and the first decline in footfall since February.


Wales’ drop in footfall. It recorded a vacancy rate of 12.7%.


Number of regions in England to buck the national UK average for footfall, as visitor numbers fell 0.3% in the East Midlands and 0.1% in the North and Yorkshire but increased 0.2% in the Southwest.


The average decline in footfall on the high street in July compared with out-of-town, which recorded an increase of 1.7%.


The footfall decline at shopping centres - an improvement on the 1.2% fall in June.


The overall UK vacancy rate in July, a decline on April’s 10.6% level. This number is at its lowest level since the monitor began in 2011 but every tenth shop still remains empty.


The number of UK regions that have seen a decrease in vacancy rates for each of the past three quarters.


The vacancy rate in Scotland, the only region with a rate below the UK average, although three regions in England had vacancy rates below the UK average: Greater London at 7%, the East with 8.6% and the Southeast at 8.2%.