Look at Disney Store’s financial record for the year to September 2007 and you might be inclined to think it isn’t doing very well.

With a loss of£5.3 million against a profit of close to£1 million the year before, things were clearly not going as swimmingly as might have been expected.

That said, the new Disney Store at Westfield London was packed with shoppers last Friday. This was opening day for the Mickey Mouse purveyor and the 3,700 sq ft shop, kitted out in the new-look format, was one of the mall’s highlights, judging by the number of shoppers.

Disney has 57 shops in the UK and has been busy opening and refurbishing a small number of them using this format over the past 16 months. The store is clearly segmented by age and customer type: there is an area for High School Musical fans, while for younger soft toy devotees, there are areas with familiar Disney characters.

According to Disney, although mid-shop densities are actually lower than in a comparably sized store there is more stock out on display. This is achieved by giving the perimeter shelving greater depth – although shoppers would be unaware of this. It also means better circulation space around the central digital monitor-clad pillar with its scrolling dot-matrix display.

Couple all of this with the colour-changing entrance and you wish Disney could do this everywhere. A good store from every perspective.