Small, but perfectly formed. The cliché that has been used so many times by architects and designers seeking to describe often lacklustre interiors could almost have been made for this 645 sq ft jewellery store in Copenhagen.

Called Bodil Binner and designed by local architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen, the aim was to create a store that would feel more like a gallery than a retail shop.

For this reason, the interior is starkly minimalist, with white walls and not much else, conveying the sense that you have wandered into an exhibition. The majority of the stock is manufactured in the store and, as well as the retail offer, theatre has been created by allowing shoppers access to the workshop areas that form part of the premises.

The display space for the merchandise around the perimeter, behind narrow, visor-like glass slits, is relatively small. But set within this blank interior, the product is the immediate focus of the shopper’s attention; there are no distractions. Even the small amount of mid-shop furniture has been pared down, with a two-level white table featuring curved lines and a couple of simple steel and wood chairs.

However, as in all the best stores, there is a show-stopper and in this case it takes the form of a highly reflective corridor with an arched ceiling and grey tiled floor that provides access to the shop. This type of retailing leads to expectations of high price but, given the nature of the product on offer, it is an appropriate vehicle.