Our customers in the retail sector often tell us that downtime of critical computer systems impacts not only employee productivity, but also customer satisfaction. 

Customers have little patience waiting for kiosks to come back online or for the POS system to reboot – and in the worst cases may leave without finishing their transactions with you. 

But we know a lot of retailers’ IT departments who can stay up and running, without having to go onsite and fix the problem.  These IT professionals use LogMeIn Central, a web-based management console, as their IT management command center.  Some of the features they take advantage of to maintain uptime include: 

  • 24/7 monitoring with real-time alerts:  LogMeIn Central immediately notifies when issues arise, or when critical thresholds are about to be crossed, giving ample warning and time to address and fix the issue. 
  • Remote access and support:  Instead of having to travel onsite to perform maintenance or troubleshoot issues, computers can be accessed remotely.  Central offers one-click access to LogMeIn computers right over the internet.  
  • Automated tasks to hundreds of systems:  IT professionals can eliminate redundant tasks and wasted time manually working on one computer at a time.  They automate remote computers management and maintenance tasks on or off the network, and add or remove software on multiple machines, run scripts and remote commands across multiple computers simultaneously.
  • Managing Windows Updates:  To help keep systems up-to-date and secure, Central helps update all systems at the same time, decide which updates on which systems are most important and schedule at the best time.
  • Work without interrupting users:  Combined with LogMeIn Pro, IT professionals can use background access to remote computers to access system resources, perform maintenance and check computer health, reducing onsite visits and eliminating end-user involvement.

Thousands of companies worldwide use LogMeIn to reduce downtime.  So, if you are ready to reduce your onsite servicing visits and travel costs, put proactive, automatic remote access to work for you,\ and erase “downtime“ from your vocabulary. 

Try LogMeIn Central free for 30-days – sign up at logmein.com.