Dominic Monkhouse, managing director of PEER 1 Hosting, shares his view of good and bad apps.

Good site:



Online delivery has taken (most of) the pain out of food shopping. Now the big food retailers should be focusing on making their sites as user-friendly as possible. Generally they are still clunky and uninspiring, but Waitrose’s site stands out as being the clearest and quickest. The new site came in for some stick when it launched last year but it looks to have recovered from that and now seems pretty solid. Free delivery for orders over £50 is a bonus.

Bad site:



Compared with the Waitrose website, has inconsistent design and lots of small text crammed on to each page. There is so much information being thrown at users that I wonder how many just give up and go somewhere else. Some parts of the site seem to have long page-loading times, another huge turn-off for impatient shoppers.

I imagine many shoppers visiting the site will want to buy bananas or eggs, not TVs or furniture, so I’m not sure why those product ranges are so prominently displayed on the home page. I suspect a high bounce rate is the result of this confusion.