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Marketplace melee: Amazon vs eBay vs Shopify – who won in the pandemic?

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Retail Week examines the three big marketplaces’ second-quarter results to understand who traded best over the tumultuous coronavirus lockdown period.


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eBay box

Ebay UK records lockdown surge in new businesses


Ebay UK has reported a lockdown start-up boom as the number of new businesses joining the platform more than doubled in the second quarter.

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Oxford Street empty


Analysis: As UK enters coronavirus lockdown, how should retailers respond?

2020-03-25T17:21:00+00:00By ,

The country is in lockdown and retailers of goods and services not deemed essential have been ordered to shut stores. As the industry finds itself in uncharted territory, Retail Week analyses how businesses can operate and what it means mean for the future of multichannel retail.

Rob Hattrell


eBay boss Hattrell: Rates are crushing innovative spirit of small businesses


All eyes this week will be on Rishi Sunak as he steps up to present his first Budget. The timing could hardly be worse for the government as they face the twin challenge of containing coronavirus while keeping the economy moving. I suspect there will be some late nights in ...

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Data: Five ways marketplaces are eating the world

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As ecommerce becomes increasingly borderless, Retail Week’s new guide merges data and first-hand retailer accounts to reveal how marketplaces are unlocking global growth

Data: Top 20 retailers to work for in the UK

Top 20 retailers to work for in the UK

Recent months have been a difficult time for all, which makes it more important than ever for retailers to be good, responsible employers and take care of their staff.

Retail Week has teamed up with Glassdoor to find out where employees think the best places to work in retail are and why.