Retail Solutions - Wincor-Nixdorf self-scan will debut at Auchan

French supermarket chain Auchan will be the first to pilot a new self-scanning system from Wincor-Nixdorf. The trial begins next month, as soon as software development is complete.

The Beetle iScan has been re-engineered since Wincor-Nixdorf launched a prototype last year. The new model - 80 per cent of which was designed in the UK with the help of an established Wincor-Nixdorf retail customer - is half the price of its competitors and is claimed to double the throughput per square foot of existing self-scanning units.

The as-yet unnamed customer with whom Wincor-Nixdorf has worked on the project is expected to start pilots by April this year.

Wincor-Nixdorf retail sales director Alan Townsend said: 'We've worked closely with our UK customer on developing a valid business case for the technology that will provide good return on investment.'