Retail Solutions - Tchibo chooses wireless system for logistics hub

Mixed merchandise retailer Tchibo has chosen a wireless networking solution from WhereNet for its logistics hub in Bremen, Germany, run exclusively for the retailer by BGL Logistics.

The solution includes a locating system intended to streamline the processing of more than 6,000 pallets that pass through the hub each day.

The German retailer's range of coffee, household goods, clothing, kitchenware, electricals and DIY is changed every week to encourage footfall into stores. This requires the Tchibo's logistics to be highly reactive to changes in the supply chain.

The WhereNet system, which tracks pallets from 100 metres away, uses microwave radio frequencies to receive signals from tags, which have their own internal power supply. The system does not comply with the EPC standard central to RFID technology.

Tchibo Logistik managing director Kay Middendorf said: 'We operate a highly dynamic and time-sensitive logistics environment. We chose WhereNet because it is the only technology that can provide a complete solution for our daily logistics challenges.'

Tchibo operates 34 stores in the UK at present.