Retail Solutions - Naafi drafts in satellite solution

Armed forces retailer Naafi has deployed a satellite communications system to allow EPoS data to be sent from two of its stores in Iraq.

The system, provided by Business Computer Projects, uses an Internet satellite link to create a durable and secure connection to the organisation's head office at Amesbury, Wiltshire.

This enables the retailer to improve product availability and keep its supply chain running effectively.

According to the supplier, the link can transfer any data at any time anywhere in the world, guaranteeing a once and once-only delivery.

Naafi plays a vital role in boosting morale by providing an element of normality for service men and women away from home and in potentially dangerous environments for long periods of time. It has 500 outlets across the world, ranging from department store formats to kiosks on warships.

Naafi information systems director Nigel Roocroft said: 'To provide the right level of support to the armed service in Iraq, our systems must ensure that our team has timely and accurate information. Moving data between Iraq and our head office is critical and the system provides an efficient and flexible solution.'