Retail Solutions - Fickle shoppers shun informative in-store gadgets

UK shoppers are not interested in in-store technology that gives them more information about the products they buy, according to a survey by American Express.

However, customers are enthusiastic about technology that saves them time.

Some 56 per cent of respondents said that price-tracking scanners, which would allow them to manage their budget, would not be a big enough draw to get them through a retailer's door.

Meanwhile, 57 per cent were disparaging about scanning technology that could give them information about products on the shelves, such as the nutritional details of food.

The news will dismay many of the suppliers and retailers that are investigating kiosk and self-scanning technology, such as Marks & Spencer.

However, time-saving technology that helps shoppers find products was given the thumbs-up - 54 per cent said they would welcome hand-held route-mapping devices.

Amex Establishment Services director of UK retail Amanda Daborn said: 'Our survey demonstrates that consumers can be fickle when it comes to new technology.'