A unique patented magnetic system that has revolutionised shopfitting and VM

‘MagnIQ’, Rare Basic’s unique patented magnetic system, has revolutionised shopfitting and VM and become the obvious choice for big retailers.

Sustainable, recyclable, totally flexible and invisible, magnIQ works to the scale of the merchandise. Load-bearing components supporting up to 96kg can be repositioned instantly by hand and have transformed homewares layouts on the shopfloor. The new Debenhams Newcastle store (pictured) has magnIQ installed throughout.

3m-high column displays utilise space, replace signage and offer exciting display options for all product ranges.

Magic magnetic

  • 46% Proportion of retailers who believe they have insufficient space in-store to feature all the products they want to, according to a study by Rare Basic
  • 25% Proportion of retailers who feel their current shopfitting system inhibits creative display