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    Moonpig (Strategy)

    Moonpig’s recent IPO highlighted  the strength of what it has called its “proprietary technology platforms and apps” and it has benefited from the ongoing shift online.

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    Ecommerce at Moonpig

    Following the successful replatforming of the Moonpig business, it is looking to unify the whole group onto a single platform. A new tech hub has been established and mobile is emerging as a key growth channel.

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    Technology strategy at Moonpig

    Moonpig opened its first tech hub in Manchester as part of a multi-million pound investment in technology. Most systems are developed in-house, but the group uses some third-party solutions on its platforms.

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    Supply chain at Moonpig

    Moonpig has maintained its 33,000 sq ft printing factory in Guernsey and established a second production and distribution facility in West London. All items are sent via Royal Mail.

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    Prospect Analysis

    Customer and marketing at Moonpig

    Moonpig’s personalised offer has a wide appeal across all age groups and genders, while its online proposition also offers convenience to shoppers that are pressed for time. The company has benefited from the shift online to attract new customers and also gained significant new customer base during the pandemic as bricks and mortar competitors were forced to close.