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    Dreams (Strategy)

    Dreams is entering what it refers to as a “new period of growth” under the ownership of Tempur Sealy from mid-2021.

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    Ecommerce at Dreams

    Ecommerce plays a growing role in Dreams’ strategy. As part of a three-year strategy, the retailer implemented a new web platform in 2018 and is planning other investments to enable it to gain a single view of the customer.

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    Technology strategy at Dreams

    The bed sector has typically been behind the curve when it comes to technology developments. Dreams is looking to change that as it has adopted a multichannel approach to technology and prioritised projects that help align its online and store channels.

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    Supply chain at Dreams

    Dreams is a vertically integrated business with some 60% of its product manufactured in-house at its UK factory in Birmingham.

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    Stores at Dreams

    Dreams’ store count has been on the rise over the past four years and the retailer is gradually coming closer to its goal of having a major presence on a national scale. It does not operate international stores.

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    Customer and marketing at Dreams

    Over the years, Dreams has taken initiatives to broaden its geographic reach with new stores, as well as its demographic with new product ranges.