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    Former chief commercial officer José Antonio Ramos Calamonte has taken the helm as CEO from June 2022 and has laid out plans to get the business back on track  by sharpening its operating model to ensure tighter stock management and faster speed to market to enable Asos to become more reactive to trends. Ramos is also  reviewing its international operations. 

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    Ecommerce at Asos

    While new CEO José Antonio Ramos Calamonte is scaling back capital investment in some areas of the business to shore up the balance sheet, the retailer will continue to invest in digital and improving the customer experience. 

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    Technology strategy at Asos

    New CEO José Antonio Ramos Calamonte wants to “get back to an Asos where people are continually trying new things” which ”should foster innovation”.

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    Supply chain at Asos

    José Antonio Ramos Calamonte has put the spotlight firmly on the retailer’s supply chain since taking the helm as CEO in June 2022. As part of his plans to get the business back on track, Ramos intends to simplify the supply chain. 

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    Customer and marketing at Asos

    Asos markets itself as the go-to fashion retailer for young consumers and primarily targets 16- to 34-year olds across a broad socio-economic demographic. It introduces new lines at a rate of over 5,000 a week and stocks approaching 70,000 SKUs across nearly 900 brands at any one time.