Destination for main grocery shop is easiest store to get to, says Mintel
Convenience, not price, is the biggest deciding factor in shoppers' store preference, according to a study by Mintel.

The organisation found shoppers were twice as likely to opt stores that were easiest to get to. More than a quarter of those who took part in the study chose where to do their weekly grocery shop based on price, and 22 per cent said they picked stores with the greatest product choice.

Mintel senior retail analyst Neil Mason said: 'Location is crucial in the battle to win shoppers' trade. The high emphasis placed on the store being close to home shows it is actually quite hard for grocers to break established shopping patterns.'

More than half of UK adults shop at discount retailers, such as Kwik Save, but only 2 per cent use them for their main shop. Although weekly shopping venues are dictated by location, people still take advantage of discounters for choice items.

Mason added: 'There has been a move towards cherry picking, as the canny shoppers go to the discounter for a few selected good value favourites. Ironically, it is the more affluent consumers who are most likely to opt for this way of shopping.'