There was significant movement in the market for in-demand ecommerce executives in April with Jaeger, Supergroup and Levi Strauss all making senior appointments.

April’s job change highlights:

  1. Laurie McIlwee resigned his post as Tesco chief financial officer ahead of a weak set of full year results.
  2. Accessories retailer Claire’s promoted Beatrice Lafon from European boss to its global chief executive.
  3. Asda’s customer director Jon Wragg left the supermarket to join Supergroup as head of ecommerce.
  4. IT Director Darrell Stein left M&S to take up a new role with household goods giant Reckitt Benckiser.
  5. Mothercare’s ecommerce director Simon Spencelayh assumed the same role at Jaeger.
  6. LadbrokesRobert May joined Photbox Group in the newly created role of UK managing director.
  7. Marc Rosen left Wal-Mart to become executive vice president and president of global ecommerce at Levi Strauss.

Good quality ecommerce and technology executives are in high demand, as more retailers recognise the importance of a strong technology strategy.

There was significant movement in the market for ecommerce executives in April with Jaeger, Supergroup and Levi Strauss all making senior appointments. This is a section of the jobs market that is understandably fluid.

Ecommerce and IT professionals often find themselves cast in the role of project managers or trouble-shooters, brought in to a business to implement a new strategy or address an issue before moving on to the next challenge.

Darrell Stein’s move from M&S to Reckitt Benckiser is a case in point. Stein oversaw the development of M&S’s new online platform, which has now been delivered. He subsequently finds himself crossing the divide onto the supplier side where he will assume the role of senior vice president for information services at Reckitt Benckiser.

Asda’s customer director Jon Wragg is also taking on a new challenge as he returns to a conventional ecommerce role with Supergroup. The fashion retailer’s online business is far from reaching maturity and it has big ambitions to grow online sales in key overseas markets such as Canada and Spain. The highly regarded Wragg is well equipped to help Supergroup achieve this aim.

Jaeger is another retailer investing heavily to grow its digital business and hiring personnel with the skills to fulfill its ambitions. Simon Spencelayh has joined from Mothercare as ecommerce director and is charged with achieving greater integration between Jaeger’s digital and store business. Jaeger has also hired David Hobson as a creative digital consultant tasked with improving the functionality of the website whilst ecommerce senior editor Rachel Sullivan will bring her experience in consumer magazines to bear in developing Jaeger’s editorial and social media content strategy.

Across the pond, Marc Rosen’s decision to leave Wal-Mart to take on a global ecommerce role at Levi Strauss shows that the lure of a new digital adventure is often too good to pass up, even when you work for the biggest retailer in the world.

What’s certain is that all the while online sales continue to grow their share of the market the top ecommerce talent will not be short of job offers.

See above for last month’s job move highlights, and the table on the right for a complete list of who went where.

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