Angela Spindler, the incoming chief executive of N Brown, has been awarded a “golden hello”, which could boost her total earnings to almost £4m in the next three years.

Spindler, who is currently chief executive at value retailer The Original Factory Shop, joins N Brown in July.

A significant chunk of the £3.84m she could take home by 2016 is to compensate her for forfeited rewards at The Original Factory Shop, according to The Independent.

N Brown said she is entitled to receive “two one-off share awards”. The first is up to 100% of her undisclosed salary over two years. The second is as much as 200% over three years and it is subject to the “achievement of strategic objectives”.

Based on N Brown chief executive Alan White’s salary of £542,000, Spindler could receive a golden hello of £1.63m. In addition, she could pocket a pro rata bonus of £508,125 – equal to 125% of her salary – for this financial year.