Amazon has revealed plans to stream a sci-fi drama called Extant, which stars Halle Berry.

Amazon has revealed plans to stream a sci-fi drama called Extant, which stars Halle Berry.

Amazon has acquired the exclusive UK rights for the series, which has been produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television and CBS Studios, and will stream the show on its Prime Instant Video service, formerly known in the UK as Lovefilm.

This latest development not only demonstrates how Amazon is stepping up its battle against Netflix but shows that Amazon is refusing to rest on its laurels.

It is certainly a clever move by Amazon and demonstrates the retailer’s constant drive for innovation, which is vital in today’s constantly changing UK retail market.

Not only does Prime Instant provide consumers with a new way to engage with Amazon, it also provides the retailer with a new revenue opportunity which can supplement its existing income stream.

This development is actually just the latest in a long string of innovations from Amazon.

It recently emerged that Amazon is developing a system to send items to customers before they have actually ordered them. Amazon will use predictive demand analytics and has filed a patent for ‘anticipatory package shipping’ in the US.

Using its vast customer database, the etailer will be able to predict what its customers will order in certain locations and then use the information to send the packages without an exact address to regional shipping hubs. Once the order is made, the exact delivery address can then be added.

Other recent Amazon innovations include plans to use closed ticket offices in the London Underground as collection points for its click-and-collect customers – offering online consumers much more convenience – as well as the news that Amazon is testing unmanned drones to deliver goods to customers.

All these developments demonstrate Amazon’s ability to put the customer first, to continually improve its business model and to find new revenue streams.

For a long time, this retailer has led the way in its ecommerce offering – effectively showing other retailers where the industry was heading.

However, with nearly every major retailer now providing an online service, Amazon has shown it is still at the forefront of innovation and is still leading the way.

The message from Amazon is therefore very clear – don’t rest on your laurels. 

  • Dan Coen, director, Zolfo Cooper