Carpetright is investing around £1m in a relaunch of its website in the first quarter of next year as it focuses on “design and inspiration”.

Carpetright chief executive Wilf Walsh said the retailer is trying to make its website “more creative” as it seeks to drive people researching products online into stores.

The focus on the design and inspiration qualities of the website comes as Carpetright nears the end of a review into the business and perceptions of the brand.

Carpetright has hired Fiona Hilton as commercial director to help develop the brand and is seeking “outside help” from design specialists in order to drive up perceptions.

Walsh said the initiative was intended to lure in “higher-spending customers that might not previously have been attracted to the business”.

Improving design credentials will build on a change in Carpetright’s approach to marketing and Walsh believes the “focus on price obscures a lot of the good things we do”.

The results of a review into Carpetright’s range will be released in the spring in order to attract higher-spending customers.

Walsh said: “We are not looking necessarily at price, it is about how we stock and about having that depth and quality of choice.”

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