Office World plans more UK stores

Office World plans to open the first of 30 new UK stores as early as this summer, despite parent Globus's decision to close its 10 shops in Germany.

UK economic fundamentals are much stronger than in Germany, said Office World chief executive Andy Etherington. There are already 56 British stores so there is a stronger critical mass to compete from.

He said: 'The German economy has been struggling for some time, creating very stiff price competition as everyone chases fewer sales opportunities. The business found it difficult to compete with just 10 stores.'

Office World has been restructuring its business in the UK over the past two years. A redesign was piloted in Salford 18 months ago.

All British stores will be refitted over the next few years, transforming the way products are grouped and the general in-store environment.

The retailer declined to reveal where new stores would be, because it is waiting for the completion of property deals before making an official announcement.