• McDonagh says an internal document from the retailer indicates that “thousands of staff” could lose jobs if they do not accept changes to their pay
  • The leaked document on “pay and pension changes” covers a consultation period with staff beginning on November 14
  • Marks & Spencer says the company has “no intention” of any staff leaving as a result of pay changes

MP Siobhain McDonagh claims that leaked documents from Mark & Spencer indicate the retailer could cut staff that reject a pay deal. 

McDonagh, Labour MP for Mitcham and Morden, said a leaked internal document from the retailer headlined “pay and pension changes” shows the retailer was prepared to cut jobs for in-store staff that did not accept revised payment terms, which include adjusted pension conditions and reduced overtime pay.

The document, which refers to a “collective consultation for dissenters if required”, includes a timetable for consultations between members of staff and the retailer commencing on November 14 and a notice period for staff beginning on December 19.

While McDonagh said this document indicates that the retailer’s “most loyal staff could face the sack over the festive period should they not accept proposals set to cut their take home pay,” Marks & Spencer deny this claim.

The retailer, which adjusted proposed pay changes in response of the 90,000 strong petition spearheaded by McDonagh, has said it does not want any employees to leave the business as a result of pay changes.

According to M&S, the consultation is one option being considered for employees that reject the new payment terms and would entail those staff having their existing contracts terminated and offered a new contract with revised terms.

A spokesperson for the retailer told The Guardian: “The company has no intention that anyone would leave as a result of these changes.

“The changes, which will take effect from April, will reward our people in a fair and consistent way, simplify and modernise our business and make our colleagues amongst the highest paid in UK retail. Nobody need be worse off and the vast majority will receive higher total pay.”