The number of Amazon mobile users in the UK has fallen by 1 million since the start of the year, while Temu and Shein’s daily mobile users have been growing.

Consumer usage data from mobile analytics and business intelligence firm Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) showed that in January 2023, Amazon had 9.3 million daily shoppers using its app. This has since declined to 8.3 million.

Value-led ecommerce app Temu launched in April 2023 and saw the number of users soar to 3.5 million in May. Growth has steadied and a similar number of users remains on the app today.

Shein’s daily users have doubled to 2 million since the start of the year, while Vinted has remained at a steady 2 million daily users.

Online marketplace eBay saw a drop in mobile users nearly 6 million users used the app daily in January and this has declined to 4.2 million.

Users spend an average of 18 minutes on Temu a day, followed closely by Vinted with an average time of 14 minutes a day. Amazon, Shein and eBay all averaged around eight minutes per user each day.

GWS chief executive Paul Carter said: “For years, Amazon has gone all but unchallenged when it comes to offering the complete ecommerce package to consumers and much of its success has been via its mobile app. 

“However, mobile analytics data from GWS shows how brand loyalty on retail shopping apps moves quickly during challenging economic times, and retailers need to stay on top of the curve or risk getting left behind. 

“While apps like Temu and Shein are seeing significant rises at the moment, expanding their customer bases beyond their faithful female audiences will be crucial for lasting growth and success if they want to pose a genuine threat to Amazon.”