What better way for Etsy to demonstrate support for its sellers than to give them the necessary tools to create their own ad?

This creative move not only gives vendors a boost, but sees the online marketplace for handmade and vintage products stepping its advertising up a gear with its first television campaign - and it’s a decent small screen debut.

Etsy’s first television ad is resplendent in a vintage flair, which aptly reflects the personalised and individual products offered by its eclectic selection of sellers. Featuring 67 Etsy sellers from the UK and depicting a traditional, yet highly attractive, marketplace scene, the ad is shot using stylish stills and slow mos. A voiceover asks “What is it that makes…” listing products including, “a chair that rocks” and “a ring that shines”. The response? People that’s who – artists, craftsmen, lovers and so on. It finishes: “You can buy what they make at Etsy.com, the most beautiful marketplace in the world.”

Etsy.com's latest advertising campaign supports the online marketplace's sellers

As well as making some sellers stars of the ad, Etsy is also giving sellers opportunity to personalise it, using the advertising microsite PeopleMakeEtsy.com to add their shop details to the final 10 seconds of the ad and creating a downloadable video.

Etsy vice-president international Nicole Vanderbilt said that the campaign is part of the etailer’s growth strategy: “Etsy has grown considerably in the last year and we now feel ready to broadcast the Etsy message to a much, much wider audience in the UK.

“We feel that they will effectively communicate our message to a new audience of buyers who care about buying from real people.”

The ad effectively promotes individual sellers without sacrificing appealing content, which will no doubt get consumers logging on and spending.

Etsy worked on the ad with Big Al’s and director Emil Mӧller, with Goodstuff as media planner.