Markus Schilling Client services director, Avail Intelligence




Markus Schilling Client services director, Avail Intelligence





Jessops is a great example of strong merchandising - its online store has a clear design throughout, without sacrificing on the visuals.

It also excels at guiding customers step-by-step through a complex purchase. It helps shoppers to narrow their selection using criteria such as brand, features or price. Once on a product page, customers are provided with plenty of information, alternatives, bundles and accessories.

Finally, it takes the opportunity to cross-sell to customers once they place something in the basket. This is one of the most powerful places to use recommendations and still many retailers miss it completely. Contrary to Jessops, has focused less on category pages and more on its front page, which is full of information. We always recommend that you do the opposite, as a large share of traffic either won’t pass through the front page, or visitors won’t spend much time there.

Reaching a product listing requires several clicks, and you can only refine results by category. Once on a listing, it doesn’t display ratings, availability or other key product characteristics.

Like browsing in a huge warehouse it is easy to get lost on, increasing the chances of a lost sale. It needs more personalised guidance during every stage of the buying process.