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    Rewe Group in negotiations with Conad


    German grocer Rewe Group is negotiating with Conad about the disposal of large parts of its loss-making Billa supermarket and superstore division in Italy. Besides Conad, Rewe Group’s partner in the Coopernic buying alliance Coop Italia is also reported to be interested in the 190-store network. Billa in Italy recorded ...

  • Nike 6.0 pop-up
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    Nike 6.0 pop-up, Mondello, Sicily


    Pop-up stores tend to be fairly ephemeral affairs, quite frequently here today and gone tomorrow and this one, from Nike, is no exception with a lifespan of just two months.

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    Coop Italia reports gross sales growth


    Italian market leader Coop Italia has reported gross sales grew by 1.1% to E12.9bn (£11bn) in 2010, while its operating margin grew 0.7%. The retailer opened 37 stores which led the network to 1,444 stores in total. Coop’s private labels generated sales of E2.7bn (£2.3bn), a share of 25% of ...

  • Milan’s La Rinascente department store
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    La Rinascente, Milan


    Milan’s La Rinascente department store is the flagship of a chain that has seen the likes of Giorgio Armani serving their visual merchandising apprenticeships and although it has been around a long time, its knack for novelty visual merchandising always makes it worth a look.

  • Zara, Rome

    Rekindling wonder


    The best stores enhance that stock they house