The new Pirch store in Dallas, Texas heightens both service and experience to showcase a range of kitchen, bathroom and outdoor products and lets the customer fully interact with all the items on sale.

With a $135,000 La Cornue Chateau convection oven among its product range, Pirch needed to innovate beyond the traditional retail format for a household store. Its design is intended to create a destination where shoppers can explore, dream and be inspired by rich, multi-sensory experiences rather than simply browse static displays.

Pirch has introduced a range of services to emphasise how the products can be used in the home. The kitchen area has baristas dispensing complementary coffees and chefs preparing dishes in demonstration areas. A calendar of in-store events provide another higher level of ‘edutainment’ and often harnesses several areas of the store. Culinary workshops use film screenings in the store’s home entertainment section to whet the audience’s appetite.

Most importantly, the Pirch experience is not designed to be a passive one, but one in which the shopper interacts with the products. All the appliances in the kitchen and bathroom areas are fully functioning so people can get hands-on. The Sanctuary space is an in-store spa zone where potential customers can even try out products like rainforest showerheads and granite bathtubs.

Consumer Insights

In contrast to the emphasis on convenience and price that online retailers often offer, Pirch has provided an engaging shopping experience better suited to its products. Such an interactive experience makes the store a destination where shoppers explore and play, gaining greater appreciation for the high-end products in the process.

Brand take-away

By focusing on the shopper’s lifestyle rather than on individual product specifications, Pirch can make a stronger, more holistic connection with its audience.


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