Discount retailer 99 Cents Only Stores has reported that sales for the second quarter ended October 1 rose 8.8% to $363m (£226m) compared with $334m (£208m) for the prior year period.

Total retail sales were $352m (£220m) against $323m (£202m), while like-for-like sales increased 6.7%. The number of like-for-like sales transactions was up 4.7%, and the average transaction climbed from $9.44 (£5.88) to $9.62 (£5.98).

For the first half total sales increased 7.6% to $731.4m (£455.3m) from $680m (£423.3m). Overall retail sales were also up 7.6%, to $709.8m (£441.9m) from $659.8m (£410.8m), while like-for-like sales climbed 6.3%.