International News - Makro tops the Czech Republic's retailer chart

Makro took top slot as the Czech Republic's biggest retailer by sales last year, according to local market research agency Incoma.

The store group, part of Metro, generated turnover of Kcs35.7 billion (£747.6 million). Ahold was second with Kcs32.5 billion (£680.6 million), followed by Kaufland at Kcs26 billion (£544.5 million).

Rewe made Kcs22.8 billion (£477.4 million), Tesco Kcs19.5 billion (£408.3 million), Globus Kcs18.2 billion (£381.1 million), Tengelmann Kcs17.7 billion (£370.6 million), Delvita Kcs11 billion (£230.3 million), Carrefour Kcs10 billion (£209.4 million) and Spar Kcs9 billion (£188.5 million).

The total sales of Kcs203 billion (£4.2 billion) achieved by the 10 last year represented year-on-year growth of Kcs10.4 billion (£217.8 million).