International News - Carrefour set to double No.1 products in France

French giant Carrefour will double the size of its recently-established No.1 value range in France by Christmas.

The move follows the success of the range since its introduction in June.

No. 1 was created as a direct result of competition from discounters, and the initial test in Spain was followed by a launch into the key French market.

Carrefour chief executive officer Daniel Bernard said: 'We have about 500 products in the range (in France) and that will increase to 1,000 at the end of 2003.'

Hard discounters are pushing into several markets shared by Carrefour, including France, where they account for 10 per cent of the market. 'There is more demand on price from customers,' Bernard said, adding that No.1 gives Carrefour the 'means to be able to deliver more aggressiveness by price'.

He said the deepening of the range in France follows the introduction of No.1 in Belgium two weeks ago.

A trolley of No.1 products costing EUR95.60 (£67.15) would cost EUR156 (£109.57) for the equivalent Carrefour own-label and EUR235 (£165) for comparable goods of 'other national brands.'