Intellinet takes charge of T&S payroll system

T&S, owner of One Stop and Dillons c-stores, has chosen payroll specialist Intellinet to automate wages and salaries for its 13,000 employees.

The system, which has been up and running in One Stop stores for more than a year, has reduced the number of payroll queries, as well as giving managers more information about labour costs.

Before the deal, T&S could only access labour costs after the monthly payroll was paid. Now the retailer has real-time access.

T&S information systems director David Anderson said: 'The old system was all paper and phone calls. It would take six weeks for new starters to get paid or for people to get overtime. Area managers took between half a day and a whole day dealing with payroll every week. Now we can pay people almost immediately and managers have proper access to information about payroll.'

Anderson said the changes had also reduced staff turnover. Previously, new starters were often put off because it took so long to get paid.

After a pilot in early 2002, the system was rolled out to 870 stores and two distribution centres.