Pictures from electrical retailer Comet’s Tottenham Hale store, which is closing today along with the rest of the chain.

The store, which had been selling products from two tables pulled together after cordoning off the majority of the shop, pulled the shutters down at 12.30.

Shoppers were rifling through the store for last minute bargains but by midday the store was nearly empty. Much of the larger goods had already been sold but shoppers attempted to barter with staff over products already discounted by 90%.

One shopper said: “I came down to buy a printer but there’s nothing left. It’s really sad for the staff to lose their jobs this close to Christmas.”

Comet sales assistant Sherine Chalhie said: “I do not think management have handled it well at all. We have been a huge family here and it’s sad that will be gone. Christmas is our busiest time but it’s been like Boxing Day or New Years Sales here the last few weeks. It will be a lot easier for us younger members of staff [to get new jobs] than the older ones. We want to hear from Henry [Jackson, managing partner of former Comet owner OpCapita].”