Retail Week’s new app will offer all the benefits of the print edition as well as regular updates.

Just as retailers have developed multichannel propositions in order to meet the changing needs of their customers, we at Retail Week are addressing the changing information needs of our readers.

This week we launched the latest incarnation of Retail Week, an iOS tablet app. An Android version will follow later this month. The app will make it easier to read Retail Week on the go, meaning staying up-to-date and fully informed on all the important issues facing retail today is now even simpler.

As Retail Week’s editor-in-chief Chris Brook-Carter says: “People now consume retail information with a growing list of objectives and at many different times. It’s our role to meet those requirements.

“The development of our digital services over the last year has been a huge step forward, but quite clearly the explosion of mobile in the last two years has demanded we launch a first-class tablet service that sits alongside our desktop and mobile sites.”

The tablet version of Retail Week will update throughout the day, every weekday, with the latest news and the analysis and comment required to make sense of the big developments in the industry. The app also makes full use of the medium by giving precedence to store galleries.

The app is available to all subscribers - take a look and tell us what you think.

Why Retail Week?

  • Retail Week is the most trusted source of business intelligence available for retailers and others who make up the wider industry. We deliver critical analysis of the sector’s performance while providing a platform to defend the interests and celebrate the successes of the retail industry.
  • With an audience that includes board members at every single one of the top 100 UK retailers, we bring our readers closer to the key people who are shaping the industry.
  • The Retail Week app is the latest incarnation of our industry-leading editorial content, allowing readers to access the magazine and online content wherever they are.

Why download the app?

  • Retail Week’s app brings together the best of print and online - it offers the convenience, depth of coverage and portability of the magazine with the regular updates that readers benefit from on the website.
  • The app has been specifically designed for the content it contains, ensuring a high-quality experience.
  • Subscribers will be able to refresh the content and take it with them wherever they go - whether they are travelling to meetings, on the Underground or without network coverage, they will still have the latest Retail Week content.
  • Using the app, subscribers will be able to digest the latest footfall, ecommerce and trading data to understand the forces driving the retail market.

Constantly updated

  • Retail Week’s new app is constantly updated throughout the day, with news, analysis, comment and opinion added frequently.
  • The app brings together the best of Retail Week’s print and online content in a portable, up-to-date form.


  • Retail industry data is constantly available on the app, ensuring instant access to crucial facts and figures.
  • The data includes everything from weekly footfall updates to changes in high street sales.
  • It also includes online information and lists the top 10 online retailers in various categories alongside their market share movement.
  • No retail data page would be complete without weather updates. Retail Week’s app gives detailed forecasts for the week to come, along with comparatives for the same week the previous year.

Local storage

  • About 150 stories are stored locally on the app, enabling readers to access content offline and making the app suitable for reading on the go.

Store galleries

  • One of our most popular forms of content, the app includes hundreds of swipeable, full-screen store images
  • Readers can browse through the galleries and save them to read later offline.

Bookmarking and sharing

  • Content can be bookmarked and read later, enabling easy navigation of the site and ensuring readers never miss a story.
  • Articles can be shared via Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Retail Week unveils its new iPad app