While the wellness trend is typically closely associated with America’s West Coast, New York is home to a multitude of retailers with wellbeing at their heart.

These retailers have endeavoured to make their investment in bricks-and-mortar retail pay off by ensuring that they offer something out of the ordinary to a jaded consumer.

Downtown on Lafayette Street, Showfields bills itself as the most interesting store in the world. It’s quite a claim for a shop which has been open just one month, but Snowfields might stand a chance of living up to its claim as it matures.

It lists Selfridges and Le Bon Marché as inspiration but also, in a nod to the ultimate experiential venture, The World’s Fair, and creates excitement through both old methods such as excellent visual merchandising and new – technology which guides a user through product information or lets them customise a product to their needs. 

“Showfields will play host over the coming months to a number of digitally native brands which lack physical space of their own”

Founded by entrepreneurs Tal Zvi Nathanel and Amir Zwickel, Showfields is at present a single-storey store focusing on wellness, but is in the process of expanding, evidenced by the building work going on above. Nathaniel and Zwickel plan three additional storeys, housing homewares and community and events spaces, to be open by March.

Showfields will play host over the coming months to a number of digitally native brands which lack physical space of their own, with each brand staying a maximum of six months. Unlike many stores, the space is not open plan and is arranged like an exhibition, and customers are therefore encouraged to actively explore it.

Interaction is key as customer assistants actively engage with consumers, and there are features such as voting buttons at Frank Body, where customers are asked to vote for their favourite scent of scrub, which will eventually be made into an NYC-labelled blend.

The space also includes a café from By Chloe, the vegan eatery which launched in London in 2018, with a new ’carnival’ concept created especially for Showfields.

Clean Market

Further uptown, just shy of the Upper East Side, sits Clean Market. Founder Lily Kunin established the space last summer after living in California for a year and seeing the comparative dearth of wellness spaces in New York.

Clean Market comprises an open-plan eatery and retail space backed by a coffee and juice bar where ingredients range from kale to chlorophyll and turmeric to bee pollen. At the back of the store sit treatment rooms dedicated to cryotherapy and infra-red saunas.

Squarely aimed at those with middle to upper incomes, it offers products including skincare and supplements through to an array of artfully packaged CBD products in a bid to tap into the new revenue stream that cannabinoid presents.

As retailers seek to give new meaning and purpose to stores, these shops in New York could provide some inspiration.