Tesco will now show Clubcard Prices per unit alongside the total price in a move the grocer said it had been “planning to do for some time,” according to UK chief executive Jason Tarry.


“Millions” of Clubcard unit prices are being updated in accordance with competition rules

“Over the coming weeks these changes will appear in our stores, as our colleagues update millions of price labels on the shelf edge. We will also be adding these units to our Clubcard Prices deals online,” Tarry added, in a blog on the Tesco website.

Tarry said there were now 8,000 Clubcard offers every week for customers, and that these deals offered customers savings of up to 50% on the standard prices.

The move comes after consumer watchdog Which? had claimed that Tesco’s previous decision not to display unit pricing on its Clubcard offers could be a breach of the law.

Competition rules state that unit prices could be seen as “material information” for a customer looking to make an informed decision about the best value when purchasing.

“The lack of unit pricing on Tesco’s Clubcard offers was a glaring omission and we warned that this approach could be breaking the law last summer, so it’s good to see the nation’s largest supermarket stepping up to do the right thing by making this important change,” said Rocio Concha, Which? director of policy and advocacy.

“We look forward to seeing this rolled out quickly across all stores and online so shoppers can benefit as soon as possible.”

Tesco said it has complied with all competition rules and called the consumer organisation’s claims “ill-founded”.