Supermarket giant Morrisons has unveiled a new Aldi and Lidl price match on hundreds of products, having first introduced a similar scheme in 2014.


Morrisons will match the prices of Aldi and Lidl on 200 products, including cupboard staples including corn flakes, canned tomatoes, baby wipes, rice and bread, plus household cleaning products such as anti-bacterial spray, bleach and toilet paper.

The supermarket is also offering Aldi and Lidl price matches on 100% British beef mince, chicken fillets, semi-skimmed milk and carrots.

The retailer said as part of its new commitment it will “check prices twice a week and if necessary adjust them, as is standard for other supermarket price match schemes”.

Pprice-matched products will be available in its supermarkets, online and via click and collect but won’t be matched by its Daily c-stores, Morrisons on Amazon, or on delivery through third-party channels such as Deliveroo.

Chief customer and marketing officer Rachel Eyre said: “We want to reassure our customers that we have hundreds of products that are the same price or cheaper – with the quality they’ve come to expect from us − than those available at Aldi and Lidl which is why we have launched our new price match. We hope this new campaign will bring our quality and value into even sharper focus for our customers.”