Food is one of the most important features of the festive season and once again there is fierce competition to top grocery’s Christmas tree.

The supermarket giants have taken their propositions to new and innovative levels, while the discounters and convenience specialists are also upping their game in a bid to gobble up their slice of the Christmas pudding.

Canapes and party food remain central to retailer’s offers, with Sainsbury’s and Asda among those to try out inventive combinations, including scallop and black pudding bites and treacle gammon spoons.

With the trend of consumers treating themselves and trading up at Christmas certain to continue, the grocers are all bidding to outdo each other with the quality of their propositions when it comes to the main Christmas dinner.

Aldi has unveiled its jewelled layered pie and side of Scottish smoked salmon to spearhead its Exquisite range, which aims to woo more affluent customers during the festive season.

The Co-op continues its convenience drive with a turkey lattice that cooks in just one hour, while Tesco and Morrisons have put fresh twists on meat dishes with their Christmas pudding ham and lamb guard of honour with whisky and orange glaze respectively.

Seafood continues to be en vogue, with shrimp, lobster and prawns all set to prove popular again this year, but Waitrose’s clementine and cranberry glazed salmon side is well-placed to steal the seafood show in 2016.

But desserts remain equally as important as the main meal. Sainsbury’s has unveiled its Noel Belgian chocolate tiffin, while the hidden centre igloo cake from Morrisons is posied to be a huge hit with younger families after the Christmas dinner.