Uncertainty still surrounds the future of variety store group Alworths, which is undergoing restructuring and a likely change of ownership (Retail Week, March 4).

There was more evidence that Alworths was in difficulties after bailiffs took control of its store in Llandudno, north Wales, on behalf of the landlord after non-payment of rent. However, the shop reopened after the dispute was resolved.

Alworths founder Andy Latham, who has resigned as a director but is still running the business, did not return calls.

Latham is a director of new company Retail Acquisitions, which is expected to take control of the ‘son of Woolworths’ chain imminently. SKG Capital boss Chris Althorp-Gormlay is also on the board of Retail Acquisitions.

Alworths was set up in 2009 to fill the gap left by Woolworths.

It has 17 shops, most of which are in market towns.

Alworths did not respond to enquiries.