US lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret has announced the launch of its first loyalty programme as part of plans to provide “a better experience and value for customers”.

Victoria's Secret is known for bowling over its customers with a memorable in-store experience

Victoria’s Secret has launched its first loyalty scheme

The VS & Pink Collective loyalty scheme will include rewards across both Victoria’s Secret and its own brand Pink. 

The scheme will initially be rolled out to 30% of Victoria’s Secret customers across selected states in the US before a full launch later this year.

The retailer’s loyalty programme allows customers to access rewards including “a $10 birthday gift, free shipping for eligible online purchases, early access to select product releases, double-point days and more”.

Victoria’s Secret said the scheme will apply regardless of the payment method used, despite credit card users being entitled to “added benefits”.

The scheme will operate on a three-tier system, allowing customers access to “more opportunities to earn points and increasingly exclusive perks” the more they shop.

The first tier requires no minimum spend to join, the second all-access tier requires a $300 minimum spend annually and the VIP tier is unlocked when shoppers spend $750 or more.

The rollout is the latest development in Victoria Secret’s transformation plans as the business “aims to create lifelong relationships with customers while bringing them exciting new opportunities to engage with the brands and one another”.

Victoria’s Secret’s chief customer officer Chris Rupp said: “Victoria’s Secret and Pink are fortunate to have had decades of loyal customers and fans.

“Through our transformation journey, we’ve been listening to these customers and have focused our approach on what they want and need.

“The VS & Pink Collective has been developed with the customer at the heart and we’re looking forward to gathering additional learnings to launch the full programme later this year.”

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