Tesco has launched what has widely been reported as its challenge to Asos; its much anticipated online clothing offer.

Models strutted their stuff last week to show off its offer as clothing chief Terry Green spoke of £100m targets and designer sub brands that would soon be making their way onto the site.

Tesco has tried clothing online before but stopped it after less than six months and said at the time it needed to review the results of the trial. This time though, Green is adamant the site will succeed.

And I believe that. After all this is Tesco, not just any website start-up, and the supermarket has the power and capital to throw behind it and make it work.

Much of the offer will be exclusive to the website including its F&F Couture range which it previewed at London Fashion Week.

The range looked good at the fashion show under all the lights but will the pieces at over £100, under the lights of a Tesco customer’s living room, be ones they want to splash out on for a high fashion item?

The price, for what it is, Tesco would argue is very good, and this is true. The other point that Green made was that you have to offer something extra in terms of value for today’s more discerning customer.

It may be the case though that those who want high fashion would rather go to a boutique or a vintage shop or market rather than a supermarket – you cannot really imagine your average fashionista boasting that her outfit was from Tesco.

But there will be some who are surprised by the level of fashionability and if it is an appealing price they could give Tesco high fashion a go.

Of course this is just one part of the large offer and this will open Tesco clothing up to many more consumers as George online has for Asda.

As far as a comparison to Asos goes, it is unlikely to be occupying the same space. Asos has over 800 brands and retailers and offers as well as own label with a great variety from outlet bargains to designer brands. It has also got the kudos now to attract the likes of international players such as Gap and Mango before they even launch their own transactional offer.

Only a handful of brands are so far availbale on Tesco’s site and many may not feel that their brand fits with Tesco the way it would with Asos – Asos also has bricks and mortar retailers on its site that Tesco is unlikely to snare. However more brands will be working with Tesco online and collaborations are on the way.

What ever does or does not work here Tesco has a good proposition with the back end and knowledge to deliver it.

Asos it may not be – but it is not to be sniffed at as the power of Tesco Direct proves Tesco can really do multi-channel and put many others to shame in the process.