Arcadia tycoon Sir Philip Green is to launch a clothing collection designed by reality TV stars the Kardashians in his Dorothy Perkins stores.

The Kardashian Kollection will debut in stores and online in mid November. Retail Week speaks to Green about the launch and the “sparkle and fun” of the Kardashians.

Retail Week: How did the partnership come about?

Sir Philip Green: We had an approach a couple of months back, so we had a chat to see what it would entail.  

How does it fit with the Dorothy Perkins brand?

The merchandise is very professional, the product is very good and well put together. When people see it they’ll like it. We wouldn’t do something if we didn’t like the merchandise.

I feel people will not be disappointed. The merchandise is good, and that’s my primary concern. The accessories are strong.

The Topshop tie up with Kate Moss was very successful. Will this partnership have a similar effect on the Dorothy Perkins brand?

Nothing these days is a given.  But it sold well in America. It’s affordable, it ticks all the right boxes. They [the Kardashians] bring a lot of interest. They have 20 million Twitter followers, between the three sisters.  They add a lot of sparkle and fun.

How does the range differ from Dorothy Perkins’ current offer?

It’s a slightly more fashion led product.  There are things [in the range] that sometimes we wouldn’t sell, so it brings a few points of difference.

Will it lift Dorothy Perkins’ fashion credentials?

It won’t hurt will it?

Why launch it in Dorothy Perkins and not one of the other Arcadia brands?

Dorothy Perkins has our biggest coverage with 600 shops. It’s the biggest opportunity in terms of coverage.