Bonmarché has become the latest retailer to pledge support for the victims of the collapsed factory in Bangladesh, which killed at least 380 people.

In a statement Bonmarché said: “We are deeply concerned about the events which took place in Dhaka and at this time we are still gathering the necessary information from Bangladesh in order to make an informed decision on how we can best provide both practical and financial assistance to those affected.”

The value fashion retailer was supplied by companies housed in the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh which collapsed last week.

The pledge follows that made by value retailer Primark, which was also supplied by companies in the building, which has committed to provide compensation to families affected by the disaster. Primark was the first retailer associated with the disaster to offer financial support.

Yesterday Matalan, which had not been using suppliers based at the factory at the time of its collapse but is understood to have ordered from them in the past, also said it would provide financial support.