Chinese retailer Urban Revivo is setting up shop in the UK next year – here’s everything you need to know about the fast fashion business.

• Urban Revivo was founded in 2006 by Leo Li, who is chief executive of the business.

• Li said that fast-fashion giant Zara was “a reference” for Urban Revivo when it was founded, but that his retailer’s business prioritised lower prices as a point of difference – its womenswear prices range from £10 to £240.

• The retailer has a quick turnover and limited availability of products to drive demand – it launches new designs twice a week of between 50 and 200 items and only 12 versions of each item are stocked per store.

• The Chinese retailer offers products across men’s, women’s and childrenswear categories and launches 12,000 new products per year.

• Urban Revivo has a 160-strong bricks-and-mortar store estate, the bulk of it being in China. The retailer has focused on expanding into secondary cities and towns across the country in recent years to drive growth.

• The fast-fashion retailer opened its first overseas store at the beginning of this year in Raffles shopping centre in Singapore.

• The Chinese retailer has lofty international ambitions with plans to open 400 stores by 2020 and achieve a turnover of 10 billion Yuan (£1bn).

• As well as launching in the UK next year, Urban Revivo has the United States, France and Japan on its hit list for further bricks-and-mortar expansion.

• Urban Revivo claims to be “a trendsetter in fast luxury” – its website says it “breaks through the traditional thinking of fast fashion and positions itself as a pioneer of affordable luxury”.