eBay dominates UK Web market

eBay remains the biggest shopping Web site in the UK. In July, it was visited by more than a third of e-commerce customers, according to Nielsen NetRatings.

eBay was visited by 8.3 million customers in July, followed by Amazon with 5 million.

Tesco was the only grocer to make it into the top 10, with 2.6 million visitors or 10.4 per cent of the total - a 15 per cent rise on the same month last year.

Argos, B&Q and John Lewis reached 5th, 9th and 10th positions respectively in the top brands list, but only Tesco and Argos exceeded the 1 million level during the month.

According to the survey, 44 per cent of UK visitors to e-commerce sites make a purchase.

The UK is just behind the US in terms of e-commerce reach, with 59 per cent of the population having Internet access compared with 60 per cent.