There is a sense currently that if it’s a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, then there will be a new pop-up store on the block and last week, Wednesday saw the opening by Dyson, the vacuum cleaner people, of a temporary store in Bluewater.

Bearing the legend in the window “Clean up this Christmas”, the store and its window have a quasi-scientific feel, presumably designed to reinforce the brand’s position as a research-led manufacturer of new products. The window has a robotic arm that was used to test-drive the “ball” cleaner and the artificial white Christmas tree also serves to emphasise the man-made nature of the stock that lies within.

Step inside and this is classic pop-up territory, with white floors, a black perimeter with large graphics, and products displayed on clean white plinths.

All of which helps to promote a clinical finish that has rather more of the feel of an industrial lab than a store. And yet, it will have been relatively simple to put together and will be dismantled less than five weeks from now.

What Dyson has done, and done effectively, is to take a hard look at its products and the way in which they’re produced and then tried to translate this into a low-cost interior. The result is bang on brand and also shows the way in which both brands and retailers have the opportunity to try things out in a manner that might not normally be possible.

This may look like a basic treatment, but it is clearly the outcome of careful consideration. Other brands looking to take advantage of the deals that are around should take note.