The luxury retailer Harrods’ earliest ever unveiling of its Christmas World department coincides with Olympics fever this year.

As retailers around the UK roll out Olympics-inspired windows and displays to encourage Games-related shopping, Harrods is catering for this summer’s international visitors in a more forward-looking manner.

The luxury department store unveiled Christmas World this morning, 151 days before the big day, in what is the department’s earliest launch date.

Harrods decided to launch in record time to meet the increasing demand from international customers. “Some of our international customers may only visit the UK once this year, and so the summer opening of Christmas World is to cater for this seasonal demand,” said David Miller, director of Harrods Home.

The Olympics has undoubtedly played a part too – Harrods store pointed out that the Union Flag was “a huge theme for this year due to the Olympics, and our Union Jack crackers and 2012  Union Jack bauble have been extremely popular already” .

The department is divided into six individual themes, Best of British, Nordic Chic, Russian Winter, Happy Holidays, Festive Forest and Baby’s First Christmas. The store is expecting to sell more than a quarter of a million hanging decorations and more than 4,000 boxes of crackers this year.