Online footfall went into reverse in May for the first time in 11 months reflecting the trend in overall retail sales.

*Multiples include all brands that stock products across various sectors (mostly Department Stores but also includes Amazon, Ebay and Argos).


  • Only one area showed any growth: Home and DIY with the traditional ‘Late May Bank Holiday’ activities of gardening and decorating driving a healthy increase on traffic form the previous month.
  • Apart from the increase in Home and DIY, every other sector dropped month on month.
  • Gifts and Stationery had the largest drop: -2.14%

And against the high street?

  • High street footfall has been down year on year for the past few weeks and after an increase over the bank holiday weeks, it was down in week 19 by 0.3%.


This data reflects the combined number of visits to a site from organic and paid search sources.

While the algorithm employed cannot extract the exact data (as this is held by the organisations themselves) it can generate visit data to a high degree of accuracy in terms of relative performance (versus others or MoM/YoY).

As a result, we can create a dataset from which trends can be identified and reported with a high degree of certainty. 

The baseline is June 2016 and is indexed at 100. This number across all categories reflects c.576,758,502 visits. A significant move – given the scale of this data – is 2% or more.

The data used comes from publicly available figures that can be extracted from analysing activity on Google over a defined period. 

How to use this index

  1. Take the combined number of visits to your site from organic and paid search sources in June 2016 and set this as your baseline number at 100.
  2. Select your category (if it is not clear to you, drop an email to telling us what you retail and identifying major competitors, and we will advise you what to choose).
  3. Track your month-on-month performance against the index number we report – after June 2017 you can also track your year-on-year performance. This will give you a sense of your online performance versus the category trend.

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