Checkland unveils Levi's flagship window concept

Checkland Kindleysides has created the latest windows for Levi's European flagship stores.

The scheme - which features in Levi's outlets in London, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris and Milan - was launched last week. It is designed to reflect Levi's new advertising campaign, which features the slogan 'Levi's 501 Jeans. With Anti-Fit'.

Checkland Kindleysides account director Henry Barnes said: 'We wanted to take the Anti-Fit theme to its literal extreme, creating a visually impactful window that is a further play on the words and a curiosity for passers-by.

'All the elements for the ad campaign are there - the characters and the product tagline - but they don't fit.'

In the window displays, the Anti-Fit letters are crammed into the background, 'waiting to be unscrambled', while the character images are super-sized, with only one possible way to make them fit into the display.

Levis has worked with Checkland Kindleysides for 18 years. The design agency created the Levi's Girls global concept, which was launched last autumn in Paris.